Princess Maddie Altman has finished her apprenticeship,but the adventure is just beginning for the first girl to join the Ranger Corps...

Main CharactersEdit

  • Ranger Maddie Altman: the daughter of Queen Cassandra and Sir Horace,she is the first girl in the Ranger Corps and is mentor to Rebecca.
  • Rebecca Wisp: apprentice to Maddie,she's tall and fast and is ready to be the best ranger she can.
  • Ranger Gilan: the commander of the Ranger Corps,he's handsome and the former apprentice of Halt.
  • Ranger Jacob: young ranger of Whitby Fife,he is good friends with Maddie and enjoys seeing her,although he doesn't get many chances to.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Halt: a retired ranger,former mentor of Will Treaty.He often convinces Gilan to give Maddie more responsibility than she can handle.
  • Ranger Will Treaty (mentioned) : one of the most famous rangers,he's the husband of Alyss,a courier who died in a fire.He mentored Maddie,who graduated right before his death.

The BooksEdit

Book 1

Book 2

The Outlaw RangerEdit

The Outlaw Ranger  is a spinoff of A New Beginning.It is based of book 2,Hidden Rangers and follows Jacob,Maddie,and Rebecca as they struggle to convince Arualen to trust the rangers.


  • Will was killed by Genovesans,assassins who are frequently mentioned in Ranger's Apprentice.
  • Maddie was Will's only apprentice.
  • Maddie is the ranger of Redmont.Ironically,Halt was the Redmont ranger,he mentored Will(who became the Redmont ranger)and Will mentored Maddie.