The blacksmith pounded the iron into a small box.He shoved the box aside to let the metal cool.He adjusted his glasses and picked up a small metal tube.He put a small rock into the tube.

The rock was a pale blue crystal-like stone.It was about three centimeters across and was shaped like a square.

The blacksmith poured melted copper into the tube,making sure none of it came out the other side.The stone was buried in the copper.

He placed the tube inside the iron box,sealing the edges.The blacksmith grabbed another small tube.This time,the stone was pale red.It was also shaped like a square.

After a while the blacksmith had several tubes shoved into the box.He had a few stones left over.He  scattered them on top of the row of iron tubes.The blacksmith poured more copper on top of them,smoothed it out flat,and waited for the metal to dry.


Will and Tug followed the road back to the village.They had been near the border of Redmont,following bandits.

Will came to the village and rode past,heading toward the cabin in the trees.Something bright shined in the undergrowth.He dismounted Tug and leaned to see what was there.

A small metal box was laid under some leaves.The sun reflected off of it.Will grabbed the box.It seemed to be solid metal,so he couldn't open it.He stuffed it in his saddlebags continued riding.I'll try to open it back at the cabin,he thought.