The Iberian Navy (also commonly called the Iberian Armada) is the naval fleet of the Kingdom of Iberion. Once the world's largest navy, it fell behind in recent times due to severe economic problems, but remains among the most powerful. The Iberian Armada mainly protects the large number of merchant vessels that pass by Iberion from pirates, however it is plagued with corruption and lack of funding, thus many of its officers are corrupt. The Kings of Iberion nonetheless maintain a sizable fleet in order to protect one of the kingdom's main sources of income, sea trade. It also serves to ward off the aggressive Gallican warlords and their navy from the north as well as a rival to the mighty Royal Navy of Araluen.

Rank structureEdit

  • Capitán General
  • Almirante General
  • Almirante
  • Vicealmirante
  • Contraalmirante
  • Capitán de Navío
  • Capitán de Fragata
  • Capitán de Corbeta
  • Teniente
  • Alférez
  • Guardiamarina
  • Mayor
  • Sargento
  • Cabo
  • Marinero