History Edit

For most of her life, Nerida has known that Halt was there for her, and after becoming a Ranger Apprentice herself, sees much more of the bearded old Ranger. Gilan trains her as a Ranger, and she becomes his equal (even better if you ask him) at silent movement though the forest. She also has slight feelings for him. Nerida can be very sassy at times.

Description Edit

Nerida is 2 years older than her brother Will, with light brown eyes and black hair. There is a slight scar on her left eyebrow, and as for her general appearance Halt has stated that she is reminiscent of her mother. In Nerida's youth she was taller than her brother, but as they grew older he passed her in height, when fully grown she comes up to GIlan's elbow, barely passing there by a few inches.

Relations Edit

  • Will Treaty is Nerida's brother.
  • Storm is Nerida's silver speckled pony, and her code phrase is 'Black clouds.'
  • Hugo is Nerida and Gilan's dog.
  • Sadie O'Carrick and Nerida are close friends.
  • Gilan is training Nerida as a Ranger.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Nerida forgot to ask for her code phrase before getting on Storm despite having been told about it by her brother, and was therefore bucked several feet off the mare's back.
  • Nerida enjoys pranking people.
Written by: Sadie O'Carrick