Ranger's Apprentice: The Dark Kingdom is a sequel series to Ranger's Apprentice. It is written by TheLonelyHydreigon456.

Books Edit

  1. Shadows Of Redmont
  2. The Frozen Castle
  3. Araulen's Pride
  4. Blades Of Fire
  5. Battle For The Kingdom
  6. Evil In The North
  7. Dead Mountain
  8. Mirror Images
  9. Antivenom
  10. Night's Stand

Note: When The First Letters Of All The Books Are Read Out It Reads STABBED MAN.

Story Edit

Shadows Of Redmont Edit

Almond Treaty is hunted. He and his best friend Katelyn Altman are the last Rangers, and with the help of the former ranger Heracles O'Carrick, they begin a journey to find the ruins of Redmont Castle, and locate the fabled Altman Blade, Sword Of The Oakleaf Knight and escape the clutches of Supreme King Iason Ragnakson.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Almond Treaty
  • Katelyn Altman
  • Heracles O'Carrick
  • Erik Mikkelson
  • Iason Ragnakson