"The Wargals, they`re back and Araluen needs us more than ever. Just like they needed our ancestors."-Mandie Altman

"Aye, this Araluen`s most desperate hour and need the Ranger Corps to return."-Arratay O`Carrick

"You realise that the secret will be out,"-The Professor

"That`s the risk we are willing to take. We all swore an oath that the Kingdom came first before ourselves,"-Mandie Altman

"Then count me in."-the Professor

Rise of the Rangers is the fourth story in the Ranger`s Apprentice: The Modern Ranger and shows how the rest of Aralen discovers that the Rangers still exist.

Author`s noteEdit

The next two stories are dedicated to the men and women who served and are serving in our armed forces. Thank you for your service and God bless.


For full Character list see Ranger`s Apprentice: The Modern Ranger

Mandie Altman

The Professor

Arratay O`Carrick

Willa Treaty

Bill Treaty

The Wargals

Captain Oswald Farrelson

Ulysses Morgarathson


Table of contentsEdit

Prologue: The Mountain of Night and Rain

Chapter 1: The Wargals return

Chapter 2: Chaos

Chapter 3: They Revealed themselves

Chapter 4: Kingdom before self

Chapter 5: The Winds of change