The Modern Ranger: Graduation is the prequel series to Ranger`s Apprentice: The Modern Ranger series and follows the adventures of the Ranger gang during their apprenticeships and leads up to Remnants of Redmont story.


See Ranger`s Apprentice: The Modern Ranger for full Character list.


Mandolyn "Mandie" AltmanEdit

Mandie is a descendant of King Horace I Altman and his wife Queen Cassandra Altman. She is the apprentice of Daniel Treaty and is already an expert marksman.

Arratay O`CarrickEdit

Willa TreatyEdit

Bill TreatyEdit


The Bronze Oakleaf

The Silver Oakleaf

The Ranger of Redmont

The Ranger of Araluen

The Ranger of Norgate

The Ranger of Seacliff