Rebecca,Maddie,and Jacob are rangers in hiding.Hoping to clear the name of the ranger corps,they band together to free themselves and the others.Just when things are looking good,tragedy shocks the group,and no one knows who will live to be free...

Major CharactersEdit

  • Maddie: hidden ranger,mentor to Rebecca.
  • Jacob: hidden ranger,friend of Maddie's
  • Rebecca: hidden Ranger's apprentice,apprentice to Maddie.
  • Emily: Archer,respects rangers and wants to help them.
  • Sir Jones McAlder: knight,ambitious

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Gilan: hidden ranger,ranger commandent.
  • Cole: Emily's brother,suspicious and sneeky.


  • The Outlaw Ranger is a spin-off of A New Beginning book 2:Hidden Rangers.It continues the story about a week later.
  • This is planned to be a 3 book trilogy,but that could change.


Book 1

Book 2