Spoilers for book eight!

As Halt looked back through the rain to Dun Kilty, he saw a patch of scarlet on the drab greys of the castle, waving to him. "Goodbye, Caitlyn", he whispered, drops of salt running down his young face.

                                       decades later

Halt sighed as he sat down to sift through the dispatch of international news from Crowley. He skimmed the first two pages, then saw something. He dropped his coffee mug on the floor, not heeding the smash, or the mess. Caitlyn was dead. His dear sister. The only one who listened to him. The... Halt stood angrily, shaking the tears off his face. He strode outside to check on Gilan, his apprentice, who was consistently firing arrow after arrow into the bullseye. "Perhaps you could try hitting the same spot", he suggested sarcastically, then went off to the Ward to check on the boy Will. Gilan looked after him in some surprise, then shrugged. Whatever it was was probably none of his business. Halt scanned the courtyard, and saw Will, fast asleep in a tree. He was about to head back when he flinched as through struck. The girl... Alyss... was wearing a scarlet dress. Caitlyn's colour. He resolved to keep an eye of this one too.