Welcome to the Ranger's Apprentice Fanon Wiki!

This wiki is for all Fanon related to or about the Ranger's Apprentice series by australian author John Flanagan.

What is Fanon?Edit

Fanons are stories based on or about various books/movies etc. writen by fans. They can fall into different genres (e.g. alternate universe, angst, romance, adventure) and may even be "crossed-over" with other books for example characters from a book such as Harry Potter may appear in a fanon with characters or places from Maximum Ride.

Who Writes the Fanon?Edit

You do! Any fans of the Ranger's Apprentice series can write a story/stories on here.

Guidelines for Writing FanonEdit

~*Do not edit other people's fanon.

  • When writing your fanon it would be good if the swearing was kept to an absolute minimum (or maybe if it isn't there at all would be better) and preferably not to have any romance fanons not to procede past kissing.
  • Please go back over your Fanon before publishing it and check for spelling, grammer, punctuation etc. it isn't neccesary for it to be perfect but if the fanon's at least readable, that is good enough.
  • Make sure that you have a category to put all of your fanon in and to protect it.

~If it is not in a category designated to a user you can edit it.

Posting the FanonEdit

After checking back over you fanon you can then post it on the wiki by simply creating a page then naming it e.g Alyss and Will - Chapter Five first it would be a good idea to create a main page for your fanon under the title of your fanon Alyss and Will and write up a brief summary, give the rating and maybe even add a bit of information about your characters and locations, if you want you can create seperate pages for your characters later on.

Once you have your fanon chapter posted on the chapter page you can work out your spacing, it would be recomended that you switch to "source mode" as you may encounter some spacing issues with the "visual" mode.